CPR Class

CPR Class At Native Pride on Tallchief Territory, we are proud to join in celebrating the miraculous recovery of Damar Hamlin from his life-threatening injury in the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals Game. However, in addition to a feel-good moment for our community, Damar’s experience was an unforgettable lesson on the importance of being prepared in times of emergency. That’s why we are using it as a guideline for reviewing our company policies, and ensuring …

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JC Seneca Foundation 10 Year Anniversary

Native Pride’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response JC Seneca Foundation 10 Year Anniversary This year, the JC Seneca Foundation is celebrating its ten-year anniversary with a year-long calendar of “Good Health” Initiatives and Events. On February 2nd, J.C. Seneca, Founder of the Foundation, and Erika Seneca-Hastie, Director of Tallchief Marketing & Special Events/Assistant to the Owner, talked about the foundation and their “Good Heath” anniversary celebration on WGRZ – Channel 2’s WNY Living Show. A highlight of …

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American Heart Month and the JC Seneca Foundation

Native Pride’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response American Heart Month & The JC Seneca Foundation February is American Heart Month and the JC Seneca Foundation is promoting healthy heart lifestyles with links to fun quizzes and helpful information. Here’s a great quiz that will help you figure out your heart age. Take the quiz hre. There is no cost to take the quiz and you don’t have to sign up for anything. Just fill out the form and …

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Hello to 2022!

Native Pride’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Hello to 2022! We have said goodbye to 2021, and Hello to 2022! On behalf of J.C. Seneca and the Tallchief Territory, Home of Native Pride, management team and employees, we thank you for your continued support of our businesses this past year. Our goal is always to provide you with the best services, products, and prices available and we look forward to continuing that tradition in 2022. We are also …

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COVID Testing and Booster Pop-up

Native Pride’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response December 21 Blog COVID Testing & Booster Pop-up The JC Seneca Foundation (JCSF) is partnering with WNY organizations in providing COVID Testing and Vaccine Booster Pop-ups at the Native Pride Travel Plaza on the Tallchief Territory 11359 Southwestern Blvd. in Irving. Testing is being conducted by Community Testing Services (CTS,) for people of all ages, including children who need to be tested to remain in school. It is free to …

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