Diesel Islands

Newly Constructed Diesel Islands in 2015

At Native Pride, we’ve constructed a brand new diesel island, replacing two old dispensers for our full service diesel. The old dispensers have been removed completely and have been replaced with five brand new dispensers. In addition to the new Encore 700 diesel fuel dispensers, we have built a large canopy to cover the vehicles while fueling. New LED lighting has been installed to brighten up those gloomy days in the winter.

Native Pride offers several types of oil and fuel additives for our diesel customer. Speak to our fuel attendant for more information.

Encore 700 Diesel Fuel Dispensers

Our new diesel pumps are Encore 700’s Ultra Hi Flow made by Gilbarco, a trusted name in the fuel dispenser industry. These pumps are newest available!

We have installed five of these new pumps. Four of these fueling stations have the main hi flow nozzle and a satellite hi flow nozzle. This allows a semi to receive fuel from 2 nozzles at the same time and get the total gallons and dollar amount on one screen. No more time wasted adding up gallons and dollars to get the total amount!

By installing these new pump at Native Pride, we’ve given the drivers more time to do other things as opposed to sitting at the pumps waiting to fill up. We did not forget the smaller vehicles either, the fifth pump we installed is geared towards the pick ups and cars that use diesel fuel.

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