FREE Immune-Booster Juice for Truckers

Since Native Pride is designated as an Emergency Stop Location by the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC,) travelers can trust that we will be open with fuel and food during challenging times.

In staying open during the spread of COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that our fuel areas are sanitized and our gas & diesel attendants are wearing proper protective gear, hand sanitizers are available at every entrance and at each register, cleaning protocols are in place to repeatedly sanitize all areas from the diner through to the convenience store and the restrooms and the showers are being regularly disinfected.

We’ve also decided during this stressful period to provide truckers with complimentary bottles of “immune-booster juice” to help them stay healthy as they work extra hours on the road.”

The immune-booster juices will be supplied by Azalia’s Juicery, part of the Native Pride convenience store that offers healthy foods and drink alternatives. The whole-fruit and vegetable juices will provide an on-the-go way to boost the immune systems of truckers who are being challenged by the extended hours and long miles they are driving during this national crisis. To receive a free juice, truck drivers have to show a Native Pride cashier that they have “checked-in” at Native Pride Travel Plaza or Native Pride Diner Facebook Page, or tagged the travel plaza on Instagram or Twitter. It is our Native Pride way of showing our appreciation for all that truckers do to ensure people have what they need in their daily lives.”

Native Pride is open 24-hours, seven days a week. Currently, the diner is serving take-out only. The convenience store is open normal hours. The trucker/juice giveaway will be in effect until April 30th.

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