Table Talk event at the Tallchief Diner

On March 11th, J.C. and Dr. Raul Vazquez partnered in a Table Talk event at the Tallchief Diner at Native Pride on the Tallchief Territory. The event brought together Seneca Nation men and women, in age ranges from their twenties through their eighties, in a blend of individuals who have already been vaccinated and those not intending to get the vaccine.

During the discussion, Dr. Vazquez spoke about the importance of holding such informational sessions.

“Native Americans are one of the most at-risk groups for contracting and dying from the coronavirus. We also know that they distrust the vaccination process. That’s why J.C. and I decided to invite members of the Seneca Nation to Native Pride for a Table Talk, so that people of all ages could hear both of us speak about the vaccine and answer their questions about the process. We provided them with information to encourage them to become vaccinated and then asked them to share that information with others in their community. Our plan is that when I bring the G-Health mobile medical unit to Native Pride for a vaccine pop-up, people will be prepared and ready.”

J.C. noted that the purpose of the gathering was also to start filling the medical care void currently existing across the Allegany and Cattaraugus Territories.

“In 2009 Tri-County Memorial Hospital in Gowanda closed, followed by Lakeshore Hospital in 2019 and Lakeshore Health Care Center and emergency room services in 2020. Those closings left southern Erie County, Northern Chautauqua, and Cattaraugus Counties without immediate and affordable health care on the Native Territories, as well as the surrounding communities. That is why Dr. Vazquez and I are of one mind in our mission to educate people about the vaccines, as well as to eventually provide healthcare and medical services in these areas where there is such a lack of available care. At this point, the doctor is requesting vaccines from the

state so that he can start bringing his mobile medical unit to Native Pride for pop-up vaccine events, and as we have dates and times for those events, we will publicly announce the information. I am most grateful to Dr. Vazquez and his G-Health Associates who have worked with me and my JC Seneca Foundation Team to make this collaboration possible.”

The hour-long Table Talk Session was filmed and is available in eight separate video segments. To view those videos, follow this link to the Native Pride YouTube Page: https://bit.ly/2PNI5jW

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