Native Pride Parking Lot Construction

If you’ve pulled into our Native Pride parking lot lately, you’ve probably wondered what the heck is going on!

While we apologize for the construction inconvenience and the lack of parking spaces around the main building, we are excited to share why it’s all happening.

In August, National Fuel awarded us a $91,676.65 Area Development Program Grant for the purpose of extending their gas lines from the intersections of Routes 5 and 20 to our Native Pride store, warehouse, and maintenance areas of the plaza. In October, as they began running the lines onto our property, they realized there were construction updates they could make that would improve the long-term functional benefits of the project. That led to a grant increase of more than $14,000.

What does all that mean? Well the first thing is obvious. It means our parking lot has been torn up for the last few weeks to allow for the gas lines to be installed throughout the property.

Second, it means that there are some inconveniences going on inside as well, as we connect the lines to our buildings and convert from propane to gas for heat and power.

Third, and what will be most clearly visible and exciting, are major renovations underway in the Tallchief Diner, beginning with the construction of an indoor takeout area, along the right side of the existing diner. Added to that, we are reconfiguring and reconstructing the kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a brick pizza oven. We look forward to welcoming everyone one to our renovated diner, where our staff will be creating new and serving delicious foods from our updated menu, which will include popular native dishes.

Finally, as a result of National Fuel’s infusion of $105, 676.65 in grant monies and the installation of gas lines to our property, we will soon begin installing a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel station to supplement our gasoline, diesel, and propane fuel services. Our goal following that will be construction of an indoor hemp growing facility and processing center so that we can produce our own, high-quality Tallchief Hemp CBD products.

All of these improvements and advancements are part of an overall plan that J C envisioned for Native Pride twenty-five years ago, when he began selling cigarettes from a trailer on a small corner of this land.

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